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8:14 PM
Anupama Pilbrow - The body poem

The visible part of the body
sways in the breeze in the wind I play with
its shifting gauze. It has deep empty pockets
the size is perfect for holding a 20 oz. cup of
soda the cup of soda slides in snug to the brim
I take out the straw it makes a sound like shiiick
and drag my tongue across the straw the soda
is limey I say to the body isn’t that tasty so sweet
like you. The body smiles an agreement and the
gauze nods and blinks once, for yes.

I like about the body the sound it makes like
jangling keys. I use the body to unlock someone
else’s car and we drive away I am in the driver’s
seat the body is next to me. The body
is humming sweetly we stop
at the traffic lights and the body has
something it needs to tell me. I’m
leaving my wife for you says the body.
I’m ready I say.

I am in love with the body we decide to meet at
the train station in the sun we must
be careful I am fresh and dressed well.
The body has slender fins they shimmer in
the daylight I want to kiss them I am dismayed
I look at the body its gauze burned pink
I say oh dear you’ve got a sunburn
yes the gauze is hot and fevered the body looks
away there are people coming out of the train.
The body is tired and pulls its gauze close we
go to the chemist get
something soothing for the burn.

In secret I meet the body at the movie
theatre we buy tickets we sit in the back
row I whisper hello my darling
the body and I are on the run the police are looking for us
we stole a car we meet seldom and
leave no tracks. I am happy I slip my hand in
to the body’s pockets I love the warmth and earthy texture
the body has brought wildflowers for
me sewn into its gauze I unpick the clean stitches
thank you I whisper to the body.

The body is beside me in the light I stroke its delicate fins
so bony my heart is in my
throat I say you’ve lost weight so gaunt don’t do this to yourself.
I tell the body go home to your wife this is
no life for you. You are everything to me the body says back
I can’t leave you. I am sad and disagree after
I will take the body home to its wife and children.

© 2018, Anupama Pilbrow

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