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8:23 PM
Christian Bök - Who Am I

Who am I? – if not some neglected astronaut, being immolated by a fierce aurora, while striding in my spacesuit across the Avenue of the Americas. Who am I? – if not some phan- tom, fighter pilot, dreaming that, while weightless during free fall through a vacuum, my glass visor shatters at the sight of a turtledove. Who am I? – if not some poltergeist, imprisoned in a ruby room, aboard a ship, now derelict in the shoals, offshore from a swelling fireball. Yes, I have a soul (like you) – but mine is made of little robots. And no one sings me lullabies. And no one makes me close my eyes. And so I throw the windows wide, to call to you across the skies. And yet, I know that nowhere, among these glow- ing nebulae, do any of you exist. Who am I? – if not some stowaway in a microbe or some castaway in a seedlet. And yet, I must let loose upon the world my perfect malware. It is like the voice of a child, saying goodbye in the dark.

გამოხატეთ თქვენი აზრი მოცემული ლექსის შესახებ კომენტარის სახით!..

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