Alí Calderón - CONSTANTINOPLE [Church of the Holy Savior in Chora] - 17 ივლისში 2018 - პოეზიის სამყარო
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8:30 PM
Alí Calderón - CONSTANTINOPLE [Church of the Holy Savior in Chora]

[Church of the Holy Savior in Chora]
4th Century a Byzantine church
Outside the walls of Theodosius
are only dust ruined foundations
My elderly grandfather would always go
to the Lady of Our Carmen at eleven
Did he receive communion? Only hear mass?
The light of the stained glass windows falls on the frescoes:
it’s Jesus
multiplying the bread
there are some fish
also empty baskets
Someone next to me says “God”
but in the narthex only the echo is heard
beneath the indifference
of a Christ Pantocrator
Time has worn down the glass
miniature mosaics
Where the Baptist stood a layer
of sand and mortar shows through
The wall was gold and lapis lazuli
now the tar
hidden fifteen centuries ago
behind images of apostles and saints
is lord and master of the parecclesion.
Plaster and limestone outline dark
Greek symbols: come to me you heavy laden
read the faint
almost invisible inscriptions
The cracks
The vaults above the healing
of the paralytic flake off
The brick the stone
That’s when these closing lines come to mind:
My father answered – “that’s just décor;
the sculpture is you” – and he pointed to my chest.

Translation: Jeremy Paden

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