Alí Calderón - Sarajevo - 17 ივლისში 2018 - პოეზიის სამყარო
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8:33 PM
Alí Calderón - Sarajevo

The wind is cold it burns
and causes those that wait for the quiet
crossing of the tram to shiver
The elderly lean
their heads against the glass
The boredom of life furrows their faces
They fog up the window with their lost
gaze their distant indifference
It’s Sarajevo the sun
lodges itself in holes left by mortar fire
the ruins the facades
There’s a transparency that wounds
the flight the course of birds
the hills and lying in wait
they prey upon Sniper Alley
Nothing surprises me now or causes me to give up
not even should you say you’re leaving
that all you know how to do is leave
The waters of Miljacka
run suddenly old
they darken as they pass under the Princip bridge
With one perfect shot they killed
an Archduke here
We have died
in excess many lives together
On the threshold of an orthodox church
someone watches how
the light of the candles is used up
Extinct now the torches are taken away
The candlestick is empty
Welcome to hell reads
graffiti from another time
Of hell all that’s left
is this slow calm
that lingers even after it dwells in us
Cats root about in trash bags
Grass grows on the gravestones of garden cemeteries

The tram has passed
a racket a trembling
of the air behind the tracks
maybe a memory

Translation: Jeremy Paden

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